Hash with the Swiss

About two weeks ago, two of Dante’s friends (Pauline and Greg) from home came to visit him. The first Saturday they were in town we all went on the Hash together. This Hash was actually pretty nice, we went about 10 or 15 kilometers north up the coast road. It was the first time I rode in the back of a pickup. Oh and we had Dante’s new puppy (who probably weighs about 50 pounds) in the back with us. Over the course of the 30 min drive she drenched all of us in slobber and it took her about 25 min to figure out it was better if she laid down as opposed to standing on top of all of us. 

A group shot.

Stop number one on the beach. 

Some small fishing boats stuck in the sand during low tide.

This is Chris. He is from England. We beat his country in many wars. I don’t let him forget this fact.